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Online media – RealWire

Written by Paul Stallard

Source: realwire

Webitpr  the online news and press release distribution service, which offers a variety of distribution, monitoring & reporting options has re-launched as realwire. To co-incide with this it has produced a video looking at the online media and how it works. Worth a look, as it has put together a video which quite clearly shows how a story can be found online.

It’s rare today for decisions to be reached without reference to the Internet. Whether browsing websites or search engines, visiting blogs or social media sites, we are constantly forming opinions based on the information we find.

  • Hi Paul

    Thanks for the mention and the kind words about the video. Just one minor thing the link to the video seems to have a slight technical fault 🙂 Link is

    Thanks again

  • paulstallard

    Hi Adam

    Cheers for letting me know. I have updated the link now.