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Meet the media: Chris Mellor, The Register

Written by Paul Stallard

Chris Mellor


After a break of a few months my meet the media series is back with Chris Mellor from The Register, one of my favourite titles. El Reg is one of those titles that you are always delighted to see your client in if you have done your job well. It is not a title that minces its words and with its fantastic daily readership carry a lot of weight so you don’t want to get on the wrong side of these guys.

If you have ever had a storage client then you must know Chris. He ┬áis hugely knowledgeable about the industry and a all round good guy. His top tip is simple and to the point, but far too many in our industry still ignore this: “Know your target publication and target journalist and be aware of events in the industry they cover.”

Name: Chris Mellor
Title I work for: The Register

Paul Stallard: What is your pet hate of PR?
Chris Mellor: Telephone calls about sending me a press release.

PS: What is the best way to contact you?
CM: E-mail.

PS: Do you think that most PR professionals read the title you write for before contacting you?
CM: Most in my computing storage niche where there are relatively few suppliers do. New ones often don’t.

PS: Have you ever done any PR work?
CM: Yes, a few case studies in the past.

PS: What is your top tip for PR professionals?
CM: Know your target publication and target journalist and be aware of events in the industry they cover.

PS: Do you run or can you recommend a PR training course?
CM: I have run one but I’m too busy. No, I can’t recommend one.

PS: How many emails / calls do you get a day?
CM: 75 – 150.

PS: How has the increase of social media affected traditional journalism?
CM: Yes. It has finished its exclusivity for news and also provided more direct access to certain suppliers and analysts.

PS: Have you had to change your writing style for online copy to incorporate SEO?
CM: Indirectly, via sub-editors.

PS: Is there a future long term for hard copy publications or will online rule?
CM: I think there will be a future for both with hard copy providing more unique comment and analysis.

PS: Bar your own, which news titles do you read?
CM: General: The Times. In my IT niche: Search Storage, Techmeme, Google News, CNET News, Storage Newsletter, DigiTimes, Tech-on, Globes Online and others.

PS: What is the worst case of PR you have come across?
CM: Nothing stands out as particularly bad.

PS: Are there any PR agencies you have black listed because of bad practices?
CM: No.

PS: What is your favourite restaurant/coffee house for briefings?
CM: Aldwych One in London.

PS: Do you believe journalists are rude to PR professionals?
CM: Yes, too often, and that includes me, regrettably.

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