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Can you practice too much?

Written by Paul Stallard

Practice makes perfect. There is a school of thought that says that you should practice and practice something until it becomes second nature and you just react instantly. But can you practice too much?

In our office the fire alarm goes off every Tuesday to test the alarm in the building. At least once a month they do a fire drill. Typically, on a day when you are on an important call or it is cold and raining outside which is generally as welcome as a kick in the balls.

When the fire alarm goes in our office there is an audible groan. I generally get my coat, find my wallet, phone and pick up my coffee before I slowly wander out of the building. I break just about every rule of the fire evacuation directive but this is because it feels like we are practicing for the sake of it.

The same can go with anything in business. For example, presentations. If you are just presenting to a room without a clear directive or reason you will just go through the motions.

Practice is a positive force but practice without context or directive, in my eyes, is a waste of time.