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Why asking for advice can pay dividends

Written by Paul Stallard

One of the reasons I love working for Berkeley is because I consider us to be brave as an agency. We’re never scared to challenge ourselves, and this is a good thing. I believe it’s one of the major reasons our clients also love us – we never sit still for long and are constantly looking for ways to offer our clients something new. Whether it’s a new approach, a campaign or ideas.

Whenever I’ve embarked on something new I’ve always welcomed and appreciated advice and input from others. I firmly believe that if you think you can deliver something new and unique on your own, you’re sadly mistaken.

Typically, people think I mean colleagues or peers when I say this. But I prefer to talk to our clients first before launching a new product or service. Using them as a sounding board and getting some invaluable feedback in return.

Don’t be afraid to ask your clients: What do you think of this as an idea? Have you bought it before? What did you like and dislike about it? How could it be delivered in a way that would make you want to share it within your business?

By asking these questions, not only do you get a real feel for what success could look like, you get the opportunity to obtain a sponsor. And anyone who’s equally invested in the project from an end-user perspective is gold dust.

As a client, it means you get the chance to shape a service or product that will ultimately tick all the right boxes for you. This is when a supplier relationship can become a true partnership, and together the results can be unbelievable.