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Why are we meeting?

Written by Paul Stallard

On any given day I attend countless meetings to ensure that everyone included in a project knows what needs to happen. I attended a particularly bad one last week with a potential supplier.

Before I had said a word, the chap on the other side of the table stated that he knew how busy we all were and knew that we needed to get to the point quick and then started jabbering. As a result, I sat there for 15 minutes listening to how great he was and what his company did.

Unfortunately, none of what he was saying was particularly relevant to me.

I appreciated the fact that he didn’t want to waffle but seeing as he didn’t clarify what we were going to discuss it was an even bigger waste of time.

At the start of any meeting I believe everyone needs to be clear about why you are meeting. Don’t just take the lead because you want to steer your agenda. Ask the others what they want to get out of the meeting and then answer that.

A ten-minute meeting can be far more productive than an hour long one if it is focused and everyone is clear about why they are in the room.