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Look who’s judging The Lloyds Bank National Business Awards 2017

Written by Paul Stallard

I have been lucky enough to judge the PR Week awards, PRCA and CIPR awards in the past as well as being a member of the Superbrand council that helps decided the annual Superbrand league table. It is an enriching and inspiring process to dedicate time towards. Seeing the best of our industry and the actual impact our work can have never ceases to delight me.

This year I am extremely proud to have been invited to be a judge at The Lloyds Bank National Business Awards 2017. Recognising and rewarding excellence across all sectors in the UK, I literally can’t wait to get involved.

Now in its 16th year these prestigious awards invite any company within the UK to enter, regardless of size or industry. The awards have a range of categories suited for any successful organisation looking to tell their story.

If you are interested in entering any awards I would strongly suggest that you run an eye over some top tips (below) that my friend Noel Penrose and serial awards judge gave when I asked him about Berkeley some entering awards a few years back. These are a great starting point for anyone to review, before investing any time and money into an award entry process.

Be Smart when entering

Try to enter categories with a small number of entrants; you can often see how many entrants there were in prior years from the website of the awarding body.

Don’t waffle

Make sure the entry narrative is concise and easy to read; judges don’t have a lot of time to plough through reams and reams of content to get to the nub of the story.

Be tailored

Write a custom-tailored response that is integrated rather than form-filling to match the entry form; add colour and imagery where possible to liven up your report and to stand out.

Introduce yourself properly

Have a short introductory overview that talks in one paragraph about why your entry deserves to win.

Back up claims

Incorporate client testimonials always to support your entry and claims.

Focus on what matters

Quote impact, effectiveness clearly, using hard numbers on profits, sales, market share (which are always stronger than awareness, likes, clicks etc.)

Action speaks louder than words

Try to show how customers have taken action from your work.

Offer context

Try to draw a simple picture of ‘before’ and ‘after’ to help the judges realise the impact you achieved

Think film

Think about including a short film with your entry. Maybe time consuming, but again gives you stand out and enables judges to relate to your personality.

Validate your claims

Make sure your case study is on your website; it adds validity to your claim

These tips came from Noel Penrose founder of agency business advisory Juniper2