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Does business storytelling works

Written by Paul Stallard

Every client thinks their story is newsworthy but is anyone actually interested in your story? A company moving office, announcing an internal excec promotion or ‘truly unique’ upgrade to an already established product. All of these things might be the culmination of some serious hard work and have been your world for months or years, but the cold harsh truth is that no one else cares…unless you are Google or Apple.

Why? They’re boring. Journalists don’t care about you or your business; they only care about what will interest their readers. This means they have to behave as professional storytellers, presenting news that has drama, that is relevant to their audience and is highly topical.

For these are the ingredients of storytelling and they can make any business announcement worth listening to.

But the power of business storytelling goes beyond getting the attention of journalists and can in fact do much more in establishing positive brand identities, building customer loyalty and increasing sales. Here are eight reasons why.

  1. It’ll make your brand and product more memorable
  2. It’ll help you cut through the noise
  3. It can add character to your brand
  4. A story will quite literally have a bigger impact on an individual’s thinking than data
  5. It will help the reader connect with the problem and the solution
  6. You can apply value to your product
  7. A story is more likely to compel your audience to act than an announcement
  8. Without context, your business and product is dull.

If you want help, my company, Berkeley Communications, has created an infographic with a few simple questions to test whether your story is newsworthy. If you can get to the end you are onto a winner. If you don’t, maybe you want to reconsider your announcement.

If after that you are still stuck attending our CPD accredited storytelling course should be a priority.