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How do you celebrate?

Written by Paul Stallard

My friend Noel Penrose dropped by the Berkeley Communications office today unannounced which is always a pleasure but today he had a gift for me.

It would appear Noel had read a blog post I had written a while ago and bought a gift. In the post I talked about celebrating the assist and not just the person who scored the goal and how this approach can be transferred to the business world. I am a firm believer that a business is a team and should be run as such. You will always have a few star players but they can’t perform if the rest of the team don’t do their job. Celebrating the people behind the scenes is just as important as the star performers.

Noel gave me a picture called the pass. It is a storyboard of the famous 1966 Geoff Hurst goal in the World Cup final. The “they think it’s all over” goal.

Everyone celebrates the completion of a world cup final hat-trick but the actual genius of this goal is not the finish but in fact the sublime pass from Bobby Moore. It started in England’s penalty area, Bobby looked up and chips the perfect ball over three German player to the feet of Geoff in space to run at goal. The finish is obviously fantastic but watch the pass. It is masterful.

To win your world cup you need a Bobby. Someone who can do the un-glamorous work and then have the vision to set up your star striker.

Thank you Noel. This gift means a lot.