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How to manage a PR agency acquisition in Germany – Culture

Written by Paul Stallard

Linked to my top five tips on managing a PR agency acquisition in Germany listed in a recent post.

Embrace the local culture

This has been the most fun part for me. Especially in a city such as Munich that is famed for its beer gardens.

Getting to know a new city, language and way of approaching life has been a wonderful and life enriching experience. I have been lucky. I have totally fallen in love with Munich, the people, the culture, the climate and their football team (Bayern are now my second team after my one true love – United). Being aware of festivals happening in the city, wanting to learn about the architecture and history, the different dialects, and tricks played on tourists has helped build a bond and a friendship with my new colleagues and made me more approachable. This has been a huge step in helping bring our two companies together quicker.