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How to acquire a PR agency in Germany – be nice

Written by Paul Stallard

Linked to my top five tips for managing a PR agency acquisition in Germany listed in a recent post.

Don’t screw your partner over in the purchase

I hate the TV show The Apprentice. I always have. It tries to show that to be successful you need to screw over the other person to get the best possible deal. I was thankful that before I sat down to start discussing the acquisition I was given some sound advice. “Get the best deal you can for Berkeley but ensure that the person selling their business is also happy. You will have to work with that person for a minimum of three years”. This is wise advice and I was at pains to check at each step that the owner of the business was happy with what we were proposing. This was important because he was going to stay in the business for the next three years and I wanted him to be motivated, happy, and excited by what we were doing – not bad mouthing Berkeley as soon as I was out of ear shot!