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How to manage an acquisition of a PR agency in Germany

Written by Paul Stallard

“Can you speak French or German?” was the question I was asked in December 2016. The answer to both was a resounding “no!”, but it didn’t stop me from accepting the challenge of becoming Berkeley’s International MD. Having overseen the running of the UK operation for the past five years and nurturing a team of 10 PR professionals to a team of over 60, coupled with tenfold net profit growth, it felt like the right time for a new challenge.

That challenge came in the shape of growing Berkeley Communication’s international offering and, in particular, setting up our own offices in Europe. Over the past six months I have focused my efforts on acquiring a PR agency in Germany. As the strongest economy in Europe it felt like the perfect place to start. Below are the top five (of probably close to 105) things I learnt along the way.

1.Learn the language – or ensure you know someone that does


2. Don’t screw your partner over in the purchase


3. Choose advisors carefully


4. Never presume something has been done


5. Embrace the local culture


I will expand upon each of the five points listed above briefly over the next week.

Next stop, Paris?