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How do I choose a market research agency?

Written by Paul Stallard

A few people may have seen that my job title has changed on LinkedIn. To set the record straight – I have not left Berkeley Communications. I just have two very different roles now and split my time evenly between both.

Half of my job is to grow Berkeley Communications international offering and the other half is to launch and grow Arlington Research.

Arlington Research is a standalone company that sits as part of the Berkeley family. It was born out of my frustrations with running research campaigns and a desire to do it better. I was fed up with dealing with different people every time I contacted a research house and then having to get to grips with a variety of skill levels. Prices seem to wildly differ but more importantly, I was always disappointed with the level of consultancy I received.

We have employed research experts rather than PR people. Someone with a research background can set up a campaign to deliver the results quicker but will be far far better at analysing the results. PR people are fantastic at making a story come alive but research experts can mine the data and find the stories in the first place.

So what does Arlington Research offer?

It is a full service agency and can provide you with robust data via quantitative research, in depth analysis via qualitative research and an audit on what’s out there already via desk research. Intelligent analysis and creative insight adds an extra layer to the service we offer, helping you make the most of your research results and bring them to life.

Our team will design your research from sample design to final reporting. Each piece of research is reliable, robust and delivered with a quick turnaround. Coupled with consultancy from our senior team we can ensure the research creates maximum impact.

We would love to help bring your story to life. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me personally via LinkedIn if you would like to receive 10% off your first order. I have a limited amount of vouchers that will go on a first come, first served basis.