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How do I start my own business?

Written by Paul Stallard

For those of you who don’t know my brother is a chef and has just published his first book – The Hidden Hut. It is amazing and has got bucket loads of coverage with a six page pull out in The Sunday Times and a slot on this Morning to name a few. I will post about this later.

The slightly less glamorous Stallard brother (namely me) has also just been published in a book for the first time this month. Kizzi Nkwocha, editor of My Entrepreneur Magazine, was crowd sourcing chapters for an updated version of his book, Every entrepreneurs guide:  Running your own business. I got in touch and presented my idea about the power of story and why this should be a key factor in every entrepreneurs mindset when starting a business and thankfully he gave me the opportunity to get involved.

A copy of the book has finally arrived on my desk today and I am excited to get the chance to sit down and read all of the other chapters. The book has been deliberately written in an informative, conversational style with valuable, insightful advice alongside case studies from real business people running real businesses. Each chapter is short and punchy so I hope it will be an informative and easy read.

In my chapter I covered why storytelling is important, how to use it in business and looked into the anatomy of a good story and how to structure one. To know more you will have to buy the book and read it. If you like it, you may want to attend the CPD accredited Berkeley Storytelling Academy‘s foundation course in storytelling, around which the chapter was based. This will help you take storytelling away from being a buzzword and move you towards understanding the science behind it.

Other co-authors of the book include:

Starting a business from scratch – James Blake, CEO at Hello Soda

Outsourcing made simple – Susan Wilkin, founder of Adminaholics

8 essential public speaking skills – Trish Springsteen, co-founder of Trischel

Strategies for getting ahead using the law of attraction – Nerida Mills, transformation coach

The golden keys of networking – Tara Geraghty, motivational speaker

Marketing your business to new clients – Tabitha Jean Naylor owner of

The entrepreneurial mindset – Eddie Blass, founder and CEO The Inventorium

How to hack your own franchise company start-up – Rune Sovndahl, co-founder and CEO of Fantastic Services

Social media marketing for business – Katina Beveridge, owner of Strategic Online

Why millennials matter – Alex Packham, founder and CEO of ContentCal

How to keep employees dedicated through growth and expansion – Lisa Pantelli, founder of Become Communications

Choosing the right finance – Adam Tavener, founder and chairman of Clifton Asset Management

The five step system to create your life of freedom and success – Dianna Jacobsen, founder of Shine at business

Making things happen – Orsolya Bartalis – Success coach

Top tips to manage your cashflow – Gary Turner, UK MD at Xero

To order a copy you can purchase it here or find it on Amazon.