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Meet the Media

Meet the media

By far and away the most visited posts on this blog are my meet the media interviews. For a while now I have been interviewing influential journalists to discuss their dealings with the PR industry with a mind to helping educate PROs and better understand how we canĀ improve practices.

From speaking to people in the industry they have proved popular with other PRs who like to check them prior to pitching a journalist, been used for briefing documents ahead of interviews and also by other journalists interest to read the opinions of their peers. For what ever reason they have proved popular I am often asked if I could centralise the interviews to make them easier to find. Thus the thinking behind this new page on the blog. Enjoy.

Chris Barraclough, Mobile Choice
Sara Yirrell, CRN
Tim Danton, PC Pro
Cath Everett
Theunis Bates
Pete Swabey, Information Age
Paul Fisher, SC Magazine
Leila Makki, Telecom TV
Peter Hay, PR Week
Gareth Morgan, New Scientist
Dan Grabham, TechRadar
Tim Anderson, freelancer
Andy Shaw, Web User
Chris Mellor, The Register
David Baker, Wired
Michael Brook, T3
Lem Bingley, Incisive Media
Sean Hargrave, freelancer
Alan Cane, Financial Times
Bryan Glick, Computing (now at Computer Weekly)
Adrian Bridgewater, freelancer
Clive Akass, PCW (now freelancer)
Guy Clapperton, freelancer
Dan Oliver, .Net
Jon Gripton, Sky
Christine Horton, Channel Pro
Alex Blyth, freelancer
Alan Burkitt-Gray, Global Telecom Business
Peter Whitehead, FT Digital Business
Sally Whittle, freelancer