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#PR Ask the experts

I have started interviewing influential personalities from either the PR world or industries that that I believe our professionals can learn from.  I am aiming for the interviews to be both interesting and informative regardless of your level within a PR consultancy. Hopefully there is something for everyone, from trainees to business owners.

As with my meet the media interviews I have decided to centralise them here to help make them easier to find. Thus the thinking behind this new page on the blog. Enjoy.

Paco Underhill – CEO of Envirosell and author of Why we buy
Bill Nichols – founder of Whiteoaks PR and course leader at Bucks Uni
Gavin Esler – BBC journalist and author of Lessons from the top
David Meerman Scott – author of the New rules of PR and Marketing, Newsjacking and many more great titles
Dr Cherry Taylor, MD and founder of Dynamic Markets
Noel Penrose, Chairman of Juniper2
Stephen Waddington, CIPR President-Elect
Andrew Bruce Smith, MD of Escherman & CIPR social media trainer